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30 Minute Hit

Team Treasurer

The Travel Team Treasurer is responsible for creating a team budget based on input from the team coach.  They will then work with Arlington Soccer finance to input info into Groundwork and track team fee collections. 

Treasurer Video Webinar

Guide for Travel Team Treasurers 

Team Treasurer Guidance - the Basics

Team Treasurer Guidance - Financial Aid Players

Travel Milieage Reimbursement effective July 2020 (please use this document, and this link for up-to-date rates - (https://www.gsa.gov/travel/plan-book/transportation-airfare-pov-etc/privately-owned-vehicle-pov-mileage-reimbursement-rates

ATS Business Travel Policy revised October, 2015

Arlington Soccer Association Team Budget Template 

Groundworks Team Treasurer Manual (updated manual will be posted shortly)

Treasurer Forms (Expense, Deposit, Budget) - (Use Expense Form for Check requests & Reimbursements)

Referee Reimbursement Form 

Tournament Fees:  Almost all tournaments now invoice the club for the application fees.  Please email info@arlingtonsoccer.com to confirm.

When you register you can select payment by check (unless noted otherwise above). If you receive a message from these events that they don’t have your check, don’t panic.  Once the tournament registration closes, Arlington Soccer is sent an invoice. The tournament is aware that Arlington is sending one check but they cannot stop the automatic payment reminder emails.


Scholarship and Club Financial Aid Information

Arlington Soccer Association Financial Aid Instructions and Application (English)

Arlington Soccer Association Financial Aid Instructions and Application (Spanish)

Klurfeld Travel Soccer Scholarship Fund

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