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30 Minute Hit

Travel Fees - 2023-2024

Age Group Total Travel Payment #1 Payments
Birth Years Program Fees Down Payment (due within 48 hours) #2 – #6 (due 1st of month - August through December)
2015-2012 (9U-12U) $2,210 $310 $380
2011-2009 (13U-15U)
       Tier 1 – Red Team $2,400 $325 $415
       Tier 2 – White Team $2,100 $300 $360
       Tier 3 – Blue/ Black Team $2,050 $275 $355
2008-2005 (16U-19U)
       Tier 1 – Red Team $2,450 $350 $420
       Tier 2 – White Team $2,100 $300 $360
       Tier 3 – Blue/ Black Team $2,050 $275 $355

       12U-19U Academy $3,000 $400 $520


Deposits are due within 48 hours after offers are sent to players.  Registration and payment of the deposit will signal to our coaching staff that the offer to play for Arlington Soccer has been accepted.  No other notification is required as coaches will have access to these lists.  Deposits are not refundable and payment by credit card is preferred.  

Fees listed in the table above are Club Fees.  There is also a Team Fee that varies by team. 


  • Arlington County charges an annual user fee - $40 per player ($65 per player for non-resident players). This annual user fee will be collected as part of the initial payment.
  • Teams fees are not included in the club fees. Team fees are unique to each team and vary by age group, team color and tournaments played. Team fees typically range from $300 - $600 for non-Academy Teams.  Team fees for Academy teams are higher at $800+ depending on travel and team advancement.  Team fees are paid to the team via a separate platform.
  • Tier 2 & 3 players are eligible to attend Tier 1 skills training sessions for an additional fee.
  • Club fees are typically payable by credit card or check (ACH).
  • Refund Policy
  • What's Included (Club and Team Fees)

These Club and Team fees do not include individual family's gas/hotel/meal expenses for travel to practice, games, tournaments and showcases. 

Families to pay for items such as cleats ($50-$200), shin guards ($15-$60), soccer ball ($20), additional practice t-shirts ($15), warm-ups ($125), backpacks ($80) and other club gear (all costs are approximate).

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